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  1. Before the tardy bell rings, the Flight Commander and Flight Sergeant should be standing in front of their desk, while the rest of the flight stands at the side of their desk, all at the position of Parade Rest.
  2. Only when the bell rings (No Sooner) the Flight Commander will snap to the position of Attention and call the command “Flight Attention”.
  3. The Flight will snap to attention and take a Right Face while the Flight Sergeant goes to the position of Attention.
  4. The Flight Sergeant will then face the Element Leaders and command, “Element Leaders, Report”.
  5. When the command is called the Element Leaders (by Elements) will take one step forward and take a facing movement to face the Flight Sergeant and the Flight Sergeant will also use a facing movement each time an Element Leader reports.
  6. After facing the Flight Sergeant the Element Leader will salute the Flight Sergeant and respond with “Sir/Ma’am, Element __, all cadets present and/or accounted for Sir/Ma’am” or “Sir/Ma’am, Element __, Cadet(s) ________ unaccounted for Sir/Ma’am”.
  7. The Element Leader will wait for the Flight Sergeant to return a salute and then the Element Leader will take the opposite facing movement (before reporting in) and then take one step back.
  8. When the Element Leader steps back the next element will continue the report.
  9. After the last element reports in, the Flight Commander will command, “Flight Sergeant, Report”.
  10. After the command is called, the Flight Sergeant will face the Flight Commander, then he/she will respond “Sir/Ma’am, __Flight, all cadets are present and/or accounted for Sir/Ma’am” or “Sir/Ma’am, __Flight, Cadet(s) ________ unaccounted for Sir/Ma’am”.
  11. The Flight Commander will then return a salute and then give the command “Half Left Face” to face the flag.
  12. Then the flight will recite the Pledge of Allegiance. In uniform, the flight will not put their hands over their hearts; the cadets will face the flag and remain at the position of attention.
  13. The Flight Commander will then face the Flight and give the command “Half Right Face”.
  14. The Flight Commander will then say, “Publish the Operation Orders” to the Flight Sergeant.
  15. After given the command, the Flight Sergeant will salute and the Flight Commander will return a salute.
  16. The Flight Sergeant will then face towards the operation orders and then read them to the flight.
  17. When done, the Flight Sergeant will face the Flight Commander and say “Sir/Ma’am, Operation Orders published Sir/ Ma’am” while saluting.
  18. After the Flight Commander returns a salute, he/she will “Seat” the Flight.


Importance of Standards: The nature of the JROTC mission, as well as its perceptibility within the school and the community, requires its cadets to follow higher standards than might be normally found among the student body.

  1. Students who want to speak will raise their hand, wait until recognized, state their name, request permission to speak, and then proceed with their question or comment.
  2. Grooming is not allowed in class.
  3. Do not write on chalkboards or bulletin boards without permission. Writing on the walls and desks is prohibited.
  4. Do not put your feet on the furniture or walls and don’t lean against them.
  5. Be honest and respectful to your instructor and fellow students.
  6. Do not damage classroom materials or decorations.
  7. Students will express their feelings and defend their rights by discussing them with the instructor in a calm, respectful, and cooperative manner.
  8. All tests should be taken in pencil or blue or black ink.
  9. Do not put your head down on your desk for any reason!! If you become sick, notify the instructor.
  10. Do not enter the Cadet Day room or use the computers without permission.
  11. Do not personalize JROTC computers nor use them to play games or for personal reasons.
  12. Do not bring outside disks or thumb drives and use them on JROTC computers.
  13. Do not add or delete programs, files, folders, or passwords to the computers.
  14. Cadets must address all other cadets by the title “Cadet” and their last name during official JROTC functions (classes, meetings, dining-outs, etc.)  Avoid first names unless the setting is unofficial.
  15. Do not bring food or beverages to class. You will not be allowed to eat food or consume beverages in the JROTC Classroom without permission from the instructor.
  16. Students will clean/straighten up the area before departing JROTC offices, classrooms, and the day room. It is imperative that cadets return borrowed items.
  17. Cadets will not use profanity under any circumstances.
  18. Do not spread rumors or gossip to others.


Inappropriate behavior, in and out of uniform, is not allowed while active in AFJROTC. This behavior includes, but is not limited to, use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, horseplay, public display of affection (PDA), fighting, derogatory remarks, insubordination, disrespect, verbal threats, and physical violence.

Hazing is strictly forbidden. It is defined as the practice of directing someone of lesser rank to perform a humiliating act which entails the surrender of dignity and self respect or a hazardous act which exposes one to physical danger or bodily harm. Any form of hazing, whether verbal or physical, will not be tolerated within any AFJROTC unit or activity. In addition, requiring cadets, individually or as a group, to perform any physical action as a reprimand, punishment, or for failure to perform will also not be tolerated. Cadets will not condone or encourage any type of hazing or initiation rituals.

Examples of prohibited physical activities include, but are not limited to: push-ups, running laps, any other physical activity, or any inappropriate physical contact such as shoving, pulling or grabbing. Any form of verbal abuse, teasing, public rebuke or any attempt to otherwise humiliate a cadet is prohibited.  Harassment, such as improper or abusive language, and coercion of lower-level cadets for personal gain, is strictly forbidden. Misuse of authority will not be condoned nor tolerated. This prohibition is applicable to all AFJROTC unit activities, and includes instructors, cadets and any personnel involved with or participating in an AFJROTC unit or activity.

TARDINESS: You are tardy if you are not at your seat when the bell rings.  If you are late, you will sign the tardy log. You will be assigned after-school detention upon your third tardy.

MATERIALS: Bring your books, paper, JROTC notebook, and a pen or pencil EVERYDAY!

MAKE UP WORK: All missed work must be made up within three days of your return to school.  Tests will be made up at the convenience of the instructor. YOU WILL NOT BE REMINDED TO MAKE UP WORK. Students will only be given make-up work for absences that are coded as excused. Make-up tests may be more difficult than regular tests, since you have more time to study.

ATTENDANCE/RECOVERY POLICY: It is your responsibility to make up work within three days of any absent.  If you are absent on uniform wear day, you will be expected to wear the uniform the following day.  PT gear make up for absents requires a page and a-half hand-written current event paper.  Topic will be given by the instructor.

EXAMS, TESTS, & QUIZZES: Tests and most quizzes will be announced well in advance. Do not ask to be excused from a test or a quiz because you were absent the day before examinations.

SEATING: Cadets are to sit up straight in their chairs displaying good posture and a positive image.  Do not sit in a seat that was not assigned to you. This will result in you being marked absent. Keep your feet off the furniture; you’re not at home. Throw trash away at the end of class.  Do not get up from your seat without permission.

CHEATING: As a cadet, you should strive to live by the honor code: I will not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate those who do. You will receive a “0” on your test or work and the appropriate demerits for conduct unbecoming a cadet.

PRIVACY: No student may look at another student’s paper without permission. This is why they are folded.  Invasion of another student’s privacy will result in a “0” on your own paper.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: You will be quiet during all announcements.

GUM: Never chew gum in class or while wearing the JROTC uniform. If you are caught chewing gum you will be issued 5 demerits.


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Published by Betty Houghtaling on January 28, 2020