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ELIGIBILITY: The main avenue of rewarding cadets for their participation and hard work in the AFJROTC program is through promotion. The SASI, ASI, Group Commander, Flight Commanders, and Squadron Commanders will select cadets for promotion to cadet airman and cadet airman first class based on the eligibility criteria in this Attachment.  All cadets eligible for promotion to the grade of, staff sergeant, and technical sergeant will meet a promotion board to be promoted to the above grades. Selection of cadets for the grades of cadet master sergeant, or higher is done by the SASI and ASI. The Flight Commanders and Squadron Commanders will recommend cadets for all promotion boards.

Promotion provides challenge and motivation to the members of AFJROTC. This attention and interest is proper since the insignia of promotion reflects visible evidence of progression and standing among fellow cadets.  It should be noted that the insignia of rank is evidence of growing maturity, the ability and willingness to accept additional responsibility, and a demonstrated growth of leadership.

Promotions are based on uniform wear and grooming, academic grades, and demonstrated leadership abilities.  Each cadet should understand how selections for command and staff positions are made to permit equal opportunity for advancement.  The flight commander will review the cadet’s records before recommending the cadet for the promotion board. The SASI may waive any of the requirements based on the needs of the Corps.

The following will be considered in selections:

  • Individual desire/interest.
  • Grade in school/years in JROTC.
  • Current rank/position.
  • Previous experience.
  • Academic performance.
  • Attitude/Conduct
  • Professionalism/Maturity.
  • Self-discipline.
  • JROTC participation.
  • Leadership ability.


  1. Earn a minimum grade of 80 in JROTC for the first grading period.
  2. Comply with all rules (JROTC & School).
  3. Wear the uniform properly and proudly each required time.
  4. Display acceptable behavior at all times.
  5. Know the mission of AFJROTC.
  6. Promote unity within the cadet corps.
  7. Display good military bearing
  8. Practice proper military customs and courtesies.
  9. Respond properly to authority.
  10. Effectively participate in drill.
  11. Demonstrate leadership skills.
  12. Drill flight for inspection.
  13. Prepare flight for inspection.
  14. Know the required JROTC 30 drill commands.
  15. Seek out opportunities to work.
  16. Effectively direct the actions of others (when required).


 GRADE                                  TIME IN GRADE                         MONTHS IN JROTC

 Airman———————————1.5 ————————————-1.5

Airman First Class——————–1.5 ————————————-3

Senior Airman————————-1.5 ————————————-4.5

Staff Sergeant————————–1.5 ————————————-12 (AS-2)

Technical Sergeant——————–2.5 ————————————-12.5

Master Sergeant———————–2.5 ————————————-15

Senior Master Sergeant————–1.5 ————————————-16.5

Chief Master Sergeant—————-1.5  ————————————18

Second Lieutenant ——————-2.5 ————————————-24 (AS-3)

First Lieutenant———————–1.5  ————————————(AS-3)

Captain ——————————–1.5  ————————————(AS-3)

Major———————————–1.5  ————————————(AS-3/4)

Lieutenant Colonel ——————-1.5 ————————————Cadet CC/CV (AS-4)

Colonel ——————————–1.5 ————————————-Cadet CC/CV (AS-4)


 A merit is an award that may be given to a cadet for outstanding military bearing, participation in JROTC activities, and for performance that exceeds the standards normally expected or required of a cadet. A demerit is given to a cadet as a result of failure to conform to AFJROTC regulations or school guidelines. The maximum number of merits and demerits that may be awarded at one time (without ASI approval) is indicated below:

ACTION                                                          MERITS/DEMERITS

  1. Outstanding Military Bearing——————–5
  2. Extra-Curricular activities————————5
  3. Outstanding performance————————5

 Maximum number of demerits:

  1. Tardiness for Formation————————-2
  2. Shoes not shined———————————-6 (Wear uniform the next day)
  3. Hair not up to standards————————-3
  4. Unshaven——————————————–3
  5. Improper insignia———————————-1
  6. Gig line improper———————————-1
  7. Improper wear of headgear———————5
  8. No uniform on prescribed uniform day——- 15 (Without acceptable excuses; wear uniform the next day)
  9. Insubordination————————————-5
  10. Unauthorized wear of uniform accessories
    (Hitch hiking, political rallies, public bar,
    Civilian employment)——————————-10
  11. Improper wear of uniform (coat unbuttoned,
    No hat, etc; wear uniform the next day)——–10
  12. Misconduct——————————————– 5
  13. Failure to render salute (5 for officers)———–2

***One merit will cancel out one demerit.

The following actions will be taken when demerits have reached the numbers indicated below:

  1. When a staff officer, flight commander, staff NCOIC, flight sergeant, or squadron commander receives demerits, he/she will report to the Cadet Commander/Vice Commander and will be dealt with accordingly.
  2. When a cadet receives 15 demerits; he/she will have a conference with Flight Commander, Squadron Commander, Cadet Commander, and ASI.


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Published by Betty Houghtaling on January 30, 2020