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PTSA Membership/Volunteer Opportunities

Why Join the PTSA?

Enrolling members in the PTSA is a year-long activity that is carried out by a membership committee. Annual dues are only $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for students and you will feel great knowing that you are supporting many beneficial programs at SFHS. Please place in envelope with dues and return PTSA membership forms to the schools’ main office. Also, by joining the PTSA you can receive discounts from the companies listed below.

  • Office Max
  • Parenting
  • MetLife Auto & Home
  • Sharp Electronics Corporation
  • T-Mobile

When you join 71st PTSA, you immediately become a member of CCSCPTA (Cumberland County Schools Council PTA), NCPTA (state), and PTA (national) whose sole purpose is dedicated to service for all children and youth.


There are many ways that you can contribute to the PTSA and the school. Please choose any volunteer opportunity you would like to support and call or contact Sandra Pettus.

PTSA Committees & School-Wide Needs:

  • Join a PTSA committee (name of committee_________________)
  • Classroom assistant. (Assist teachers by helping individuals or small groups of students or with general classroom tasks).
  • Volunteer in the office, media center, computer lab.
  • Cafeteria monitor
  • Volunteer for special programs and seasonal events.
  • Three for Me (agreement to volunteer 3 hours during the school year)
  • Concession Stand (sporting events)
  • Volunteer to assist with coaching, club sponsorships, and extracurricular activities
  • Proctor. (Assist teacher during state-wide test days).
  • Special Enrichment/Guest Speaker: I would like to share my travels, hobbies, skills, collections, or knowledge with children. Describe activity and your availability:
  • Other:

If you are interested in supporting the volunteer needs of the school, please complete the Volunteer Opportunities sign-up form and return it to school. Also, it is required that all volunteers complete a Volunteer Security Data Application. This form only needs to be completed one time, so if you have previously submitted an application, you do not need to repeat this process. Please contact the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator if you have any question or comments.

When you volunteer in the school, please remember to sign the Volunteer Log Book. This book is located in the main office. This is a separate book from the one you log into anytime you enter the school. The office staff is familiar with this book and its location. The log book is used to keep track of the hours and the information is used to recognize volunteer of the quarter. If you volunteer from home, please try to email/call in your time to the volunteer coordinator. We love to give credit where it is due, but we can only do this with the information we receive.

THANK YOU, to all the volunteers who have put in countless hours to make 71st High School a successful school of excellence.


To learn more about PTSA, click on the links below: 

Published by Betty Houghtaling on June 3, 2019