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~An Exciting Part of Your Career~

At Seventy-First High School, students are encouraged to take part in various types of organizations and activities that would enable them to gain a memorable high school experience. The school offers a wide range of clubs and activities, leadership development, sports, community service, organizations and arts opportunities to augment their high school career and if they don’t find an activity that suits their needs,  they can embrace their “inner-selves” and get involved in volunteer work in or out of school which would really look good on their resume when applying for college.

~Success Is The Only Option~

Quick Resources:

Safety Matters:

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 Scholarship Resources:

STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION: Image of a gray falcon with texts SGA and SFHS

Be a  part of Student Government Association. The purpose of this organization is to promote school service and act as a communicative medium between the students and the administration.The members have a class period each day for all  Student Council business. Officers are nominated by the student body through a general election.


2019-2020 Class Officers:

Advisor: Dr. T. Bonner, Room 405

Student Body:

  • President: Nyla T- D.
  • Vice President: Zoe W.
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:

Senior Class:                                                                                                   

  • President: Yajia M.
  • Vice President: Alvin F.
  •  Secretary: Shania H.
  • Treasurer:
  • Representatives: Marilyn W.,  Xavea C., Maranda M., Emony J., Honesty M., Rashawna H.

Junior Class:

  • President: Mattison S.
  • V. President:Jamya D.
  • Secretary: Kaitlyn B.
  • Treasurer:Simone W-G.
  • Historian: Zyon H.
  • Representatives: Samara M., Nakeyr M. Chantel P., Jaida R-M., Jaden A., Sumiya B.

Sophomore Class:                                                                                       

  • President: Ja’Liyah C.
  • V. President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:
  • Representative: Micah C.

 Freshman Class:

  • President: Kiera W.
  • V. President:
  • Secretary:
  •  Treasurer:

Duties of Student Officers and Advisor:

  • President- ultimately is responsible for all class activities; creates meeting agenda and presides over meetings; delegates duties and acts as the representative for the class.
  • Vice-President- fulfills the duties of the President in their absence; performs duties assigned by the President.
  • Secretary- takes meeting minutes; maintains correspondence and attendance records; keeps class activity calendar; responsible for all sign-in and sign-up sheets.
  • Treasurer- establishes the budget; gives the financial status report at class meetings.
  • Sergeant-at-Arms-maintains order and decorum at meetings.
  • Historian- records and writes a narrative of activities and events; maintains a scrapbook of documents and memorabilia; coordinates activities with school newspaper and yearbook staff and publicizes activities.
  • Faculty Advisor-  acts as a liaison between the class and the administration, ensures that the group’s actions and activities follow the rules and policies of the school and district; works with the President when setting meeting agendas and ensuring that meetings are handled in a timely manner; provides encouragement, direction, support, and ideas as needed.
Published by Betty Houghtaling on December 5, 2019